Friday, March 29, 2013

WOD- Max Effort 2

Saturday, 1/12/13

Work up to a max weight for each movement, using the given repetition maximum assigned.  Do so over the course of 3-5 sets for each exercise.  Once you have used the most amount of weight possible for the prescribed repetitions, you are done that exercise.  Therefore, continue on to the next movement and repeat the process of progressive resistance, ending in a max effort attempt for each one.  The max weight used in each one is what gets logged in the "comments" section below.  FYI, the weight logged needs to be the same for your right and left arm!

1) Turkish Getup - 1RM (1 repetition maximum = max weight moved for 1 repetition)
2) Front Squat - 5RM ( 5 repetition maximum = max weight moved for 5 repetition)
3) Overhead Press - 5RM ( 5 repetition maximum = max weight moved for 5 repetition)

Compare to: 1/12/13

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WOD Wed 3/27/13

Part 1:

5 Double Clean
5 Double Lateral Lunge
5 Push Press

Perform 3 rounds for minimum time.

Part 2


1 Arm Snatch
1 Arm Thruster
1 Arm Swing

Perform 15 reps of snatch on each arm, before moving to 15 reps of thruster on each arm, finishing with 15 reps of swing.  Then repeat pattern with only 12 reps, then again once more with 9 reps. Finish in minimum time. USE 1 KETTLEBELL

Friday, March 22, 2013

WOD- Cardio 6

 Saturday, 3/23/13

As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes

ALL ARE DONE WITH 1 KB. Perform the number of reps required on each arm before moving onto the next exercise.

Thrusters (1 Bell) - 5 reps
Snatch (1 Bell) - 15 reps each arm
Clean and Jerk (1 Bell) - 10 reps each arm
1 Hand Swing (1 Bell) - 15 reps

Compare to 12/22/12

Monday, March 18, 2013

It's All In The Hips...Part 1

Human movement should be hip dominant.  The hip is our center of gravity, and the muscles around it are incredibly strong, powerful, and resilient.  A great athlete learns to stiffen their core while mobilizing the hip musculature in highly coordinated patterns.  Somewhere in the middle of our high tech shoes and sedentary lifestyle, Americans have suffered from poor gluteal development and activation.  This "syndrome" has created symptoms of low back, knee, and foot pain, while reinforcing improper gait mechanics and weak core strength.

When we squat and walk/run barefoot, the hip musculature develops and gets stronger, which creates better stability of the pelvis and core.  Since most of us don't squat or walk around in bare feet often, we need extra help in activating the gluteal muscles, especially the deeper postural gluteals, like the gluteus medius and piriformis.  This seated band hip abduction is a good place to start for you to begin recruiting and activating the deeper gluteal muscles, so they in turn, can properly stabilize and control the hip during your squatting, walking, and kettlebell swinging!

Friday, March 15, 2013

WOD- Max Effort 1

Saturday, 3/16/13

3 Rounds of Max Weight (Ramp up the load each set)

Turkish Getup: 1 rep max
Bottom-up Clean and Press: 5 rep max (each side)
Suitcase Deadlift: 10 rep max (each side)

Compare with 12/29/12

Monday, March 11, 2013

Descending Ladders For High Work Output!

Here is another descending ladder routine that the class and I did outside in the sweltering heat and humidity.

Goblet Squats: 10, 9, 8,....1 reps

              Pair up with:

2 Arm Swings: 10 reps each set

            Instructions:  Jump from 1 set of goblet squats to 1 sets of swings until the 10 sets of each are finished.  Notice only the goblet squats descend in reps each set.

1 Arm Press: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps

              Pair up with:

1 Arm Snatch: 5 reps each set

              Instructions:  Jump from 1 set of presses to 1 set of snatches.  Switch to the other arm and repeat.  Then switch back to your original side and complete the descending sets of presses, followed by your snatches.  Notice that only the presses descend each set.

Friday, March 8, 2013

WOD- Cardio 6

 Saturday, 3/9/13

AMRAP (as many reps as possible for each exercise in the given time frame prescribed.)

Turkish Getups- 5 minutes

Clean and Press - 5 minutes

Snatches -  5 minutes

Compare to 12/8/12

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kettlebell Class Canceled Tonight, Wednesday, March 6th

Kettlebell Class is CANCELED for tonight, Wednesday, March 6th, due to the winter storm


Maryland Kettlebells

Monday, March 4, 2013

Snatch Variations

 Here are a few variations of a snatches.  The first in a hang snatch, where you hold another kettlebell at hip level to increase the load through the hip musculature.  The second variation is an elevated snatch where you raise your feet about 6 inches off the ground, gaining an extra 6 inches of range of motion to improve the power of your hip explosion.  Both are great variations to incorporate into your training, as they both increase the involvement of the hip musculature, which carries over to strength and speed in most athletic endeavors.

Friday, March 1, 2013

WOD- Max Effort 6

 Saturday, 3/2/13

Over the course of 3-5 sets, find the max weight you can use to safely and correctly perform the following exercises/ reps.

Turkish Getup- 5 RM

Windmills - 10 RM

Thrusters- 10 RM

Snatch- 10 RM

Compare 12/15/12