Friday, June 27, 2014

Sat 6/28/14

WOD- Max Effort 4

SATURDAY,  6/28/14

Directions: End with the highest weight possible for the given exercise and repetitions. Spend 3-5 sets getting to that heaviest weight. Log the weight, and if it is different on the left and right arm.

Windmill - 5RM

Reverse Lunge- 5RM

Lateral Lunge- 5RM

1 Arm Swing - 10RM

Compare to 1/18/14

Friday, June 20, 2014

WOD -Cardio 4

Saturday, 6/21/14

21-15-9 (complete for minimum time)

Double KB Snatches
Double KB Burpees (includes pushup and deadlift)

Perform with 2 Kettlebells of equal size for both movements

Modifications include:

1 KB Snatch
 BW Burpees
Double KB Burpees (without pushup)

Compare to 1/11/14

Friday, June 13, 2014

WOD- Max Effort 3

 Saturday, 6/14/14

Directions: Over the course of 3-5 sets, work up to the heaviest weight possible for each exercise assigned.  Post your max weight in the comments section for each exercise.

Clean and Jerk - 5RM (Max weight for 5 repetitions on each arm)

Snatch -  5RM (Max weight for 5 repetitions on each arm)

Thrusters -  5RM (Max weight for 5 repetitions)

Compare to 8/3/13

Friday, June 6, 2014

Thurs 6/5/14

WOD- Cardio 3

 Saturday, 6/7/14

Complete reps for minimum time (15 minute time limit)

5 Getups each side
20 Clean, squat, press on each side
30 Suitcase Deadlift each side
40 Snatches each side

Compare to 1/4/14