Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Zombie Defense Kettlebell WOD

We had great fun fighting Zombies tonight! Sorry we missed some of you in class!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RSVP for Halloween Night Attendance

Hey Everyone,
    Thursday night is Halloween! Most of our student base have families, and many with small children.  Because many of you will be dedicating that night to spending time with your kids, and/or treating other people's kids, we am requesting that you RSVP for class attendance.
   For those of you who are definitely committing to attending Thursday night's kettlebell class, please respond to this by email so that we can get a head count.  We don't wish to cancel the class, but if no one is interested in attending, then that just might happen.

Maryland Kettlebells Staff

Friday, October 25, 2013

WOD- Double Chipper

Saturday, 10/26/13

10 Double KB Single Leg DL
20 Double KB Snatch
30 Double KB Thruster
40 Double KB Push Press
50 Double KB Swing

Perform the following exercises in the order provided.  You must complete the first exercise before you move onto the second.  The load should be 2 kettlebells of equal size for the entire chipper.  Record the time to completion and the load for comparison to the next time.

Friday, October 11, 2013

WOD- Double Trouble

Saturday, 10/12/13


Double Trouble

Perform as many round as possible of the following triplet in the order given until the time limit is completed.  Record the number of rounds, as well as the load.  The load should be the same for all three exercises....

Double KB Rolling Punch- 5/side

Double KB Swing- 10

Double KB Squat- 10

Friday, October 4, 2013

Kettlebell Class Canceled Tonight, Friday 10/4

Sorry for the last minute notice! I just found out 10 minutes ago that the office is being repainted overnight.  The painters are starting in an hour, and will not be done until 8pm or so.  Kettlebell class must be canceled for tonight.
However, class will continue at 8am tomorrow morning (Saturday, 10/5).  Whitney will be covering for me, since Yvette and I will be competing in the Mid-Atlantic Hopper CrossFit competition in Baltimore, located at CrossFit BWI.
If you wish to check us out, we will be there all Saturday and Sunday:)

WOD- Max Effort 1

Saturday, 10/5/13

3 Rounds of Max Weight (Ramp up the load each set)

Turkish Getup: 1 rep max
Bottom-up Clean and Press: 5 rep max (each side)
Suitcase Deadlift: 10 rep max (each side)

Compare with 6/29/13

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Perfect Attendance!

Hey All,
   September has come to a close, and we have the winner of the monthly "Perfect Attendance Award."
    Marlon Bundy claimed first place again this month.  Great dedication Marlon! Your gift will be awarded shortly!

    But, you have competition:) 
    Linda Barrett, Amy Alvord, Heather Alvord, and Mark Armstrong all tied for runner up (second place) for the month of September.  Nice work giving Marlon the competition that he loves so much!
    For the month of October, will someone be able to dethrone Marlon? Put your time in attending class consistently, and stay tuned to find out!  It's the only sure way to make the changes in your fitness and your physique anyway!