Friday, May 3, 2013

Kettlebell Competition Tomorrow (Regular classes are canceled)

As a reminder, our regular kettlebell classes are canceled tomorrow morning because of the IKL Kettlebell Competition being held from 9am-12noon.  I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused in your training plans.  Drop in registration is still welcome.  You can also come help support us by helping to judge lifts and/or generally cheering on competitors.  The more people there, the more fun we will have.

As a reminder, weigh ins are 8-8:30am tomorrow morning.  The event should kick off by 9am.  Please plan on being there until it is done.  Each of you will be judging for others while you are resting from your events.  To give each of you an idea of the order, here are the tentative flights:

Half Snatch


David Flight 1     

Hilary 9-9:20


Double Jerk

Martin Flight 2      9:20-9:40

Su Eng Tan

Chuk-Yang Seng



CHLOE (youth) Flight 3


Marlon Flight 4

Woodley 9:55- 10:15



Chuk-Yang Seng


Hilary Flight 5

Leslie 10:15-10:35


Clean and Jerk

Woodley Flight 6

Ed 10:35- 10:55


Hilary Flight 7

Leslie 10:55- 11:15


Each event, with the exception of Chloe's snatch, will last 10 minutes.  There will be a 5-10 minute break between events.  That means the event should be completed by 11:15am.  I will do my best to crank out the numbers after each flight during that 10 minute break.  If I can do that, and I stay organized, I should be able to hand out certificates within 10-15 minutes after the event ends.  So all of you should be on the road before 12noon.


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