Monday, May 27, 2013

Re- Memorial- Lay!

That's right, it's our yearly Memorial Day Kettlebell Team Relay...hence the name of the WOD:) (Thanks to Yvette:))

Check out the pic below, and the instructions to explain it are at the bottom.

Teams of two will select 1 KB that is of appropriate load for each teammate for the following 4 exercises:

Alternating Swings
Squats (holding anyway you like)
Push Press (2 hands on the KB)
Walking Lunges (Waiter's Walk for those who modify)

All teams start at the "Start Line."  Coach yells 3,2,1...GO!  The first teammate runs to the first station to perform 30 alternating swings.  They then lunge to the second station WITH their kettlebell.  At the second station, they perform 30 squats, then lunge to their third station WITH their kettlebell.  At the third station they perform 30 push press (with 2 hands on the bell).  Once finished, they LEAVE THE KETTLEBELL at station three, sprinting back to tag their partner. Their partner then runs all the way down to the kettlebell, and starts making their way back to their partner in the same order (swings, lunge, squat, lunge, push press...sprint!)

That is all ROUND 1.  So for round 2, we follow the same pattern, but we perform 20 reps of your swing, squat, and push press (Not the 30 reps you performed in round 1).  And for round 3, we perform 10 reps for your swing, squat, and push press.

The goal is for your team to finish the relay as fast as possible, while still maintaining proper technique and movement standards.

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  1. Fritz/Ben 20:21 20k 1st PLACE

    Giacomo/Joe 21:05 16k 2nd PLACE

    Daisy/Jacqui 22:39 15# 3rd PLACE

    Jane/Yvette 22:44 16k

    Yulia/Laura 23:11 20#

    Amy/Michelle 23:30 30#

    Elsa/Juanita 24:00 20#

    Annette/James 24:53 16k