Friday, May 31, 2013

WOD- Max Effort 5

 SATURDAY, 6/1/13

You will have approximately 30 minutes to complete the 4 exercises below.  Your goal is to achieve the request repetition maximum (RM) for each exercise, on each arm, before moving onto the next exercise.  It should take you less than 5 sets to achieve the highest weight possible for each RM task.  Record the heaviest weight you used for the requisite RM prescription.

Bottom Up Turkish Getup - 1 RM

Bottom Up Clean and Press- 3 RM

Push Press - 3 RM

2 Hand Swing - 20 RM

Compare to 12/1/12


  1. 8am

    Joe- 12k/14k/24k/20k

    Karen- 8k/8k/16k/24k

    Giacomo- 14k/16k/28k/32k

    Yulia- Reg TGU 15#/10#/20#/14k

    Michelle - 8k/20#/20k/28k

    Mark- 12k/12k/24k/24k

    Gabe - 14k/16k/32k/36k

    Dave- 12k/12k/ 24k/ 44k


    Leslie C- 15#/20#/20#/25#

    Berry- 10#/15#/16k/ 20k

    Marlon- 20k/20k/32k/36k

    Linda- 27.5#/27.5#/ 37.5#/32k