Friday, April 26, 2013

Last Chance to Register for May 4th!

Register Here:

I will be hosting another casual kettlebell competition on Saturday, May 4th, at 8am.  It will be held at our office, in the same location that our classes will be held.  Classes will be canceled for that day.  Instead, those wanting to test their fitness will be encouraged to participate in the kettlebell competition.

Competition Location:    12200 Tech Rd, Suite #104
                                         Silver Spring, MD 20904

Weigh Ins Begin:  8am

The office is not very large, and as a result, I am limiting the number of participants to the first 30 that register. Therefore, if you are seriously interested, please register immediately, as it will be a first come, first served basis for participation.

Those of you who show up will also be helping to judge! This will be an interactive process that is fun for everyone involved. I want it to be social, and competitive.  Judging will be easy, and participation in the competition will be very similar to what all of you are used to in our classes.  Lots of hard work for a short period of time. 

You will have exactly 10 minutes per event, attempting to achieve as many repetitions in that time as possible. You get to select your own weight.  The lifts include snatch, clean and jerk, double jerk, half snatch, and double clean and jerk.  Pick 1...or pick 3...your choice! I hope to have a great turnout like last time:)


Figure out your weight class here:


Super Light- Under 59kg
Light- 59.01-66kg
Middle Light- 66.01-74kg
Middle- 74.01-83kg
Heavy Light- 83.01-93kg
Heavy- 93.01- 105kg
Super Heavy- 105.01- 120kg
Unlimited- 120.01 and over


Super Light- Under 47kg
Light- 47.01-52kg
Middle Light- 52.01-57kg
Middle- 57.01-63kg
Heavy Light- 63.01-72kg
Heavy- 72.01- 83kg
Super Heavy- 83.01- 93kg
Unlimited- 93.01 and over

Register Here:

Questions? Please email me at or call 443-742-1224

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