Sunday, May 12, 2013

BOLT Competition a Huge Success: Great Job Athletes!

We had a great turn out at last weekend's BOLT competition.  A total of 12 athletes participated.  For the first time since joining the IKL, we even had the lovely Chloe Stancombe compete as our first youth.  She performed very well, performing 70 snatches in 3 minutes! She was even courageous enough to perform alone, rather than within a group, as the sole youth competitor.

All of Maryland Kettlebell's regular students performed amazingly well also.  Michelle Lennox and Leslie Casey both shined with first place finishes in their events.  For the males, Marlon Bundy, David Blagg, and Woodley Victor also walked away with first place finishes.  Way to represent the class!

Additionally, several "out-of-towners" showed up, putting on quite a show.  In fact, several of them demonstrated the differences between GS (girevoy sport) technique and our fitness-oriented hardstyle methods.  Martin Farrell, Ed Stancombe, Zoila Forgione, Chuck Seng, and Diane Tan all showcased their GS skills, resulting in several first place finishes as well.

And finally, CrossFit Diesel (my CrossFit home base) was represented by Hilary Dean.  Despite feeling quite sick, and almost pulling out of the competition, she threw down on the snatch and the clean and jerk.  Her efforts awarded her a first and second place finish respectively!

Great job everyone! Mark your calendars for August-September, which is the next event.  Check regularly to get updates.....

Check out some of the pics and videos from last weekend!

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