Sunday, July 15, 2012

No More Emails!

Hi All,

    I have been sending out too many mass emails over the past 2 months in an effort to keep everyone informed of updates and changes. While I had good intentions, several people have opted out of receiving emails from me because they have gotten annoyed by the volume.  That means my emails need to drastically decrease.  So, here is the deal....

   For the last 3 years, I have taken the time to inform everyone via email of class cancellations, changes, and updates.  I will not do this anymore. Emails will only be used for the occasional marketing requests and for direct, personal communicationFrom now on, it is your responsibility to check the website regularly.  Any class changes, updates, and cancellations will be posted on  That means that if you show up to a class that was canceled, it will now be your mistake.  Please get in the habit of checking the website daily.  Not only will daily updates be posted, but I have taken a great deal of time to provide important and useful information to you through articles and videos on the site. Please use them as resources regularly.

   We are also using Facebook much more regularly now.  Updates and posts will be daily, so please refer to that as well.  If you have not "liked" our fan page, please do so:

   And here is my personal page, so please friend me to stay updated on class information!



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