Sunday, July 1, 2012

Changes For Tuesday, 6:30am, Kettlebell Class

For the past 2 weeks, no one has shown up for Yvette at her 6:30am Tuesday morning kettlebell class. In an effort to be fair to her time, I am not requiring people to REGISTER IN ADVANCE for that particular time slot.

    If you plan on attending that class, you absolutely MUST EMAIL ME to inform me of that.  If we have enough people interested in the class, then it will continue.  If another few weeks passes with no one committing to it, it will be replaced with an alternative time slot.

    If you are planning on attending that class, and after you email me about it, please check your email and the website before you go to sleep Monday night.  If the class has been canceled, there will be an email for you and a posting on the website

   Use for registration

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