Monday, October 8, 2012

Please Provide Feedback in the Comments Section

I really want to learn how to make this blog a great resource for everyone.  So far, it has been mostly me posting information, videos, links, and my personal thoughts on topics related to kettlebell training.  However, I also want this blog to become more interactive, with people providing comments, feedbacks, and suggestions.  At the bottom of every post, there is a link for you to make comments.  If you have ideas, comments, suggestions, etc, please either post them, or email them to me.

Here are some things I am currently working on posting regularly:

1)  weekly routines, including videos and text descriptions
2)  commentary and links on cutting edge training topics
3)  links and information regarding resources, seminars, merchandise, etc...especially locally
4)  info on practical applications for kettlebell training and exercises
5)  rehab and injury prevention uses for kettlebell training
6)  videos of current kettlebell classes and individual participants
7) personal videos of myself and my wife training
8) uses for kettlebell training in sport
9) cutting edge research regarding the effectiveness of kettlebells for fitness training
10) other methods of training that are great adjuncts to kettlebell training (powerlifting, strongman, olympic lifts, plyometrics, etc...)
11) Historical topics in kettlebell training (many things popular today are not new...history repeats itself!)

Please provide any other ideas to make this a great interactive resource to anyone interested in anything related to kettlebells...


  1. I would like to see down the left side, or a link, to 1 minute videos of each exercise and what it looks like. Use the same names in your list as you do on the web site. If this is on the same web site it will be helpful and we can see just a short video of how to do an exercise to remind us. - Denise

  2. I had to try 10 times to get the comment to post with the verification. Can you make it easier to post! It was getting ridiculous!

  3. Your links on the right side take you away from this page. Suggestion to open them in a new window so you aren't navigated away from your page.

  4. That is a good suggestion - embedded video on the right side of the page showing each exercise. What is a getup? A snatch? A suitcase?