Monday, October 29, 2012

No Training Tool is Best....Variety is Key!

Just like I hate with people treat an RKC  as the "God of Kettlebells," I don't approve of people limiting their training methods to only kettlebells.  I obviously think they are wonderful and practical tools for fitness, or else I would not teach their use or operate a blog surrounding them.  However, there are plenty of other tools at your disposal, and all have their strengths and weaknesses.  One of my favorite training methods is the use of the major powerlifts to build some SERIOUS strength.  Nothing builds a strong body better than a heavy deadlift.  And nothing builds carryover strength to your daily lives than a heavy deadlift.  Period. 

All you people out there with back pain, learn to deadlift.  Even a partial deadlift in a power rack will be a great start.  In fact, many years ago, the partial deadlift was called the "health lift," because it was believed to be the single best option for improving the overall health and function of a person's neuromuscular system.  But don't kid yourself either.  When you look around the gym, rarely do you see people deadlifting.  And those who do, often do it wrong.  Some people will tell you they don't deadlift because it can be dangerous, but the reality is, most people don't deadlift because it sucks.  Most people take the easy way out, because deadlifts are hard.  Of course, I don't think you want to be like most people though....weak and out of you?

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