Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Week's Routine - Ladders

Ladder training is a great way to blend muscular endurance training with cardiovascular endurance training.  This routine will use a descending ladder in a pair of exercises.  The first exercise will descend in reps, while the second exercise of the pair will stay at the same number of reps. 

First Pair:
Snatches and Swings:  Perform 5 snatches on your right arm, then 5 swings on your right arm, then switch and perform 5 snatches on your left arm, then 5 swings on your left arm.  Immediately switch back to your right arm, perform 4 snatches, and 5 swings.  Keep switching back and forth until you finish with 1 snatch and 5 swings on each side.

                 REPEAT THIS PAIRING

Second Pair:
Goblet Squats and Swings:  Perform 5 squats, followed by 5 swings.  Then 4 squats, 5 swings.  Then 3 squats, 5 swings, etc....until you finish with 1 squat and 5 swings.

                REPEAT THIS PAIRING

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