Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boost Your Getup With a Pistol Grip!

Ten months ago, I posted a video on youtube of my attempting my first 40k getup.  I accomplished it on both sides, but the weight was so heavy for me, that once I got back down to the ground, I let the weight just drop to my side.  Well, some yahoo loser decided to comment about how horrible I was to not control the weight and gently put it down on the group.  So ever since my ego was bruised by that comment, I have worked to get my getup rock solid and under control for even the smallest detail. 

By far, one of the most valuable tools for doing so has been performing getups with a pistol grip (bottom-up).  Performing them has allowed me to activate my core and shoulder muscle much better, because of the instability of holding the bell in a bottom up position.  I tried the 40k regular getup the other day, and it was crazy easy.  I owe it all to working my way up to performing bottom-up getups with a 24k kettlebell.

If you want most some serious weight in your getups, make the pistol grip version part of your arsenal.  And FYI, stay tuned for my video of my new personal record for regular getups.

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