Saturday, September 14, 2013

Almost Sold Out: BOLT Kettlebell Competition Sept 21st

We have a few spaces left for the BOLT Kettlebell Competition being held on September 21, 2013.  If you aren't familiar with the BOLT rules, it is quite simple. 

1) Girevoy kettlebell sport (GS) style is practiced internationally, with a focus on lots of reps over a 10 minute event.  With BOLT rules, you are rewarded for choosing heavier bells, so just because you got less reps than a person next to you, it doesn't necessarily mean you receive a lower scores.  A strong powerlifter can win in BOLT competition, but fail miserably in GS events.
2) In GS events, once the 10 minutes start, you are not allowed to put the kettlebell down.  In BOLT events, you can take breaks as often as you need.
3) In GS events, one the 10 minutes start, you can only switch arms one time. In BOLT competitions, you can switch between arms as many times as you wish.
So as you seen, BOLT competitions make kettlebell competitions more accessible to the public.  Strength is rewarded, and your breaks are not penalized.  We even have a youth and junior division.  So if you know how to clean and jerk and/or snatch, put your fitness to the test.  Throw down at the BOLT competition, hosted by Maryland Kettlebells, on Saturday, September 21.
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