Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I May Have Spoken Too Soon!

We ran into a snag with getting keys and some issues with outlets being finished and a T1 Line being installed.  We are definitely moving on Thursday.  However, it is HIGHLY LIKELY that I will need to cancel Thursday and Friday's kettlebell classes.

   Stay tuned for another email tomorrow.  But it is HIGHLY LIKELY that today and Saturday morning will be the only other days left to attend a kettlebell class.

   I know this is highly inconvenient for you, and the chaos is very frustrating to me. Being that Maryland Kettlebells is a third party separate from the leasee, I am trying to make a compromise between keeping my students informed, and at the same time, trying to avoid too many confusing, changing, and contradictory emails.  I am doing my best given the information I receive, so bear with me.

  No matter what, next week will be the start of a newly rennovated, larger space for us to call our home!

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