Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No More Wednesday 7pm Classes Until Further Notice

I have decided to cancel the 7pm Wed night class indefinitely.  It has been empty since the beginning of the summer, so time to get rid of it.  The 6pm Wednesday class will remain however, since that has been a popular time slot over the past few years.  As we get more people involved and interested, the 7pm Wed slot may open back up. 

    Remember, kettlebell classes will mainly grow because of referrals and word of mouth through you guys, so keep promoting Maryland Kettlebells!  I have multiple incentives to encourage referrals that will benefit you personally, including free classes and free personal training sessions. Ask me for more details if you are interested in the student referral program...


  1. Hi Jason, I think that you should re-adjust classes throughout each season as during the summer perhaps more people are doing other things, but during the winter when it gets dark at 6 people will want the 7pm kettlebell class. So don't cancel too fast!
    - Denise

  2. Jason - it took me 10 tries of typing in the letters and numbers to publish my comment. Very frustrating. They are impossible to read (well, just about). - denise