Friday, July 1, 2011

Yet Another Satisfied Client!

Over the 13 years I have been in the fitness industry, I have had the opportunity to work with many great athletes.  They have been from sports ranging from mixed martial arts to golf, and everything in between.  I've gotten to work with Maryland Terps football, Raven's cheerleaders, and NFL veterans.  Among the high profile athletes, Lamont Jordan is one of my current clients.  For those unfamiliar with Lamont's NFL experience, refer to his Wikipedia bio.

Lamont has been learning how to squat properly and use kettlebells effectively.  Additionally, he is working to improve his hip mobility and core stability.  As you will hear in his testimonial below, he believes that had he learned these things early in his NFL career, he would have been far more successful.  And this is coming from someone who was successful despite poor technique and inappropriate training methods!  Please take his advice. Prepare for your sport by perfecting fundamental movement skills and balancing out your strength and flexibility.  Avoid the injuries, and the sudden destruction of your athletic career or prowess, due to ignorance.  You have been warned!

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