Friday, July 29, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Modern Warrior

Wake Up

- You wake up naturally to sunlight instead of a blaring alarm

- You are in a great mood because you just had a restful 9 hours of quality sleep

- Ready to conquer the world!

- Since you are hungry from yesterday’s workout you decide to have a breakfast fit for a king!

- You go for a big vegetable omelet for breakfast. 4-6 Omega-3 eggs and a ton of tasty vegetables that you already have cut up and bagged in your fridge, plus some natural bacon on the side.

- You wash it down with a few glasses of water and a tablespoon of fish oil for more of those great Omega-3 fatty acids.

Off to Work

- Nope, this perfect day is not a weekend, it’s a work day but because of your great sleep and nutritious breakfast you walk or bike to work with a smile on your face. If you have to drive that’s fine, because you know that at lunch you will get outside for a bit.

At Work
- At work you sip coffee or a green tea along with some water here and there.

- Instead of sitting in your chair the whole time you are sure to get up and move around now and then to keep your back and hips healthy. You always need to be ready for action!

- You don’t give in to the temptations at the office (I mean the muffins and donuts, not the cute receptionist) because you are still full from breakfast. Plus you know that junk food makes you soft and weak.

Close to Lunch Time

- As lunch time approaches you bust out your left over’s from last night’s dinner of steak and veggies and dig in while still at your desk

- Once you are done eating you are off your chair and outside, going for a nice light walk.

- This isn’t some tough sweaty workout that you have to bother getting changed for and showering afterwards, this is just a pleasant walk to get some sun, fresh air and maybe catch the eye of a cute girl or three.

The Afternoon

- You spend the afternoon working productively because your lunch didn’t give you a nasty insulin spike that dropped your blood sugar and made you crave even more sugar.

- Instead you are full of energy and already thinking about your workout tonight.

- Hunger strikes about an hour before work is over so you munch on some almonds as a pre-game meal to keep you satisfied and make sure you are ready for battle at the gym.

After Work, time for battle!

- On the way home you hit the gym for a duel with a loaded barbell.

- You do some squats and then some farmers walks and finish with some heavy ab work.

- The whole workout takes only 45 minutes from start to finish and although you are physical tired from hitting so many muscle groups; you leave feeling more refreshed than before you got there.

- On the way out the door you pound back protein shake and some dried fruit to feed your muscles and allow them to start rebuilding.

- Victory is yours!


- For dinner you grill up some salmon and have asparagus on the side.

- You watch some TV or play some video games for a bit but once 9pm hits it’s time to read in bed for an hour or so.

- Reading is your true down time that allows you to relax and distress completely. The flashing lights from monitors are stressful and interfere with the body’s ability to fall asleep.

Lights Out

- Lights out is at 10pm because you have to wake up around (naturally remember!) 7am for another productive day of training and making money!

- You sleep in total darkness with the shades pulled over the windows, clock lights covered and maybe even a mask during the summer.

- This total darkness allows you to have a deeper and better quality sleep that makes you feel great every morning.

As you can see from our sample “perfect” day above, the goal here is to make time for plenty of sleep, good food, and fun exercise. Most people claim not to have enough time but they can tell you everything about the game that was on last night or what happened on reality TV. Some TV or video games are fine but you are wasting your life if distractions are a central part of your day. Make the time to get a good night’s sleep, make the time to cook delicious and healthy meals and make the time to exercise. The rugged warrior looking back at you in the mirror will thank you!

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