Friday, July 25, 2014

Saturday. July 26th, Kettlebell Classes Canceled

We will unfortunately have to cancel kettlebell classes tomorrow morning.  For those of you that are still planning on training at home or at your local gym, this was the workout planned:
Flow Drill (15Min)
1 TGU into 3 Windmills into 3 Thrusters
Perform all on one side, then on the other.  Perform a total of 5 sets.
Strength (10 min)
One Arm Row 10RM
High Pull 10RM
Conditioning (10 Min)
20 Pushups
20 Alternating Swings
20 Mountain Climbers (each side)
20 Curtis P's (Total)    1 REP = 1 Clean, 1 Reverse Lunge, 1 Push Press on 1 side of the body
See you Monday!

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