Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 31st Competition Still Open to Registrants!

Competition is one of the best environments to test both your progress and performance.  Come see how you compare to your personal bests by joining us on May 31st!  It will be fun, motivational, and inspiring for not just you, but everyone around you:)

Mark your calendar and spread the word for us please.  May 31, 2014 will be the IKL State kettlebell competition of the year.  Come test your strength, and your endurance, in this fun event.  Most of our regular students at Maryland Kettlebells would perform great in these competitions, because every day you train for an event like this!

A competitor may choose up to 5 events, although most athletes stick to just 1-3 per competition.  The level of exhaustion can be quite high from just one event, and generally speaking, a competitor might have only 30 minutes to recover between events.

Events to choose from are:

Double Half Snatch
Double Jerk
Double Clean and Jerk
Single Snatch
Single Jerk
Single Clean and Jerk

Competitors will be divided by gender, age, and weight class.  All events will last 10 minutes, and competitors will be allowed to place the kettlebell down on the floor or switch hands as many times as they wish during those 10 minutes.  Likewise, competitors can pick their own kettlebell sizes for all events.

Results and performance will be based on volume, which means weight multiplied by repetitions. That means that strength matters, not just endurance.  Generally speaking, a person who can move heavier loads for longer periods of time will win in these events. 

Rule change for this event: Presses and Push Presses will count as "jerks."  Yay!

So please bring your friends and family out to join us on May 31, 2014 for our IKL BOLT kettlebell competition!

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