Friday, October 25, 2013

WOD- Double Chipper

Saturday, 10/26/13

10 Double KB Single Leg DL
20 Double KB Snatch
30 Double KB Thruster
40 Double KB Push Press
50 Double KB Swing

Perform the following exercises in the order provided.  You must complete the first exercise before you move onto the second.  The load should be 2 kettlebells of equal size for the entire chipper.  Record the time to completion and the load for comparison to the next time.

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  1. 8am

    Mark 16k 65 reps
    Dave 12k 30 reps (DNF due to nausea)


    Danny 14k 120 reps
    Leslie C 10# 13:56
    Lina 8k 12:58
    Yulia 10# 12:20
    Montrell 12k 102 reps
    Cristan 15# 85 reps