Monday, April 1, 2013

It's All In The Hips...Part 3

 My previous two posts demonstrated two exercises you should be doing to strengthen the deeper gluteal muscles.  Now I am prescribing an exercise that requires a lot of balance and stabilization around the hip.  This is by far the hardest of the three exercises.  You may find it difficult to perform even 1 repetition, so begin with just doing 1 repetition on each leg at a time.  Accumulate 5 reps on each side in a single training session.  Gradually work your way up to performing 5 repetitions on each side in a row, for 5 sets, with approximately 1 minute break between sets.

Performing the 3 gluteal exercises as a warmup prior to your swings, squats, and deadlifts will prime the system for optimal performance, as well as prevent problems in hip stability and strength.  You will surely notice a difference in mobility and strength in a matter of 3-4 weeks practice.  So get to work!

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