Sunday, June 24, 2012

Do Not Ignore Injuries!

At Capital Sports Injury Center we have been using kettlebells as an exercise rehabilitation and injury prevention therapy since 2006 with GREAT results! We have had success with conditions such as lumbago (lower back pain), lumbar disc herniations, degenerative hip arthritis, degenerative knee arthritis, ankle sprains, pulled hamstrings, rotator cuff injuries, obesity (weight loss!), and fatigue.

The kettlebell will make your back resilient. Unique Russian exercises condition your back from every conceivable angle, statically and dynamically. One would have to take up powerlifting, yoga, strongman, gymnastics, and a couple of other things to half way imitate the benefits of kettlebell training.

Kettlebell's offset center of gravity maximizes shoulder strength, flexibility, and health. According to Pavel, most Russians have never heard of 'rotator cuffs.' Save for combat wounds, shoulder injuries are virtually unheard in the Russian armed forces.

We are unique in being able to combined kettlebell rehab with scar tissue removal techniques like Active Release Techniques®, Graston Technique®, Kinesio Taping®, Cold Laser, and chiropractic adjustments. No other health care facility in the national capital area has the amount of experience offering this combination of therapies that we have! If your body’s got damage from a high-mileage life, kettlebell rehab may be able to give you more relief and restore your strength and quality of life better than anything else.

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