Friday, April 13, 2012

WOD- Max Effort 2 REPEAT

WOD = Max Effort Day

Work up to a max weight for each movement, using the given repetition maximum assigned.  Do so over the course of 3-5 sets for each exercise.  Once you have used the most amount of weight possible for the prescribed repetitions, you are done that exercise.  Therefore, continue on to the next movement and repeat the process of progressive resistance, ending in a max effort attempt for each one.  The max weight used in each one is what gets logged in the "comments" section below.  FYI, the weight logged needs to be the same for your right and left arm!

1) Turkish Getup - 1RM (1 repetition maximum = max weight moved for 1 repetition)
2) Front Squat - 5RM ( 5 repetition maximum = max weight moved for 5 repetition)
3) Overhead Press - 5RM ( 5 repetition maximum = max weight moved for 5 repetition)

Compare to: 1/27/12


  1. 8am


    Leslie B- 16k/ 16k/ 26.25#

    Denise T.- 8k/25#/20#

    Rahim- 8k/ 16k/ 12k

  2. 9am

    Linda- 37.5#/ 37.5#/ 27.5#

    Amy- 24k/20k/16k

    Mark- 24k/28k/16k

    Kathy- 16k/ 27.5#/27.5#

    Leslie C- 15#/ 20#/ 20#

    Fritz- 36k/ 32k/ 20k

  3. Pat- 32k/ 24k/ 24k

    Chaseedaw- 20k/ 28k/ 30#

    Neal- 24k/ 28k/ 37.5#