Friday, April 16, 2010

Personal Record!

 Part of everyone's training is finding ways to continually motivate yourself to be consistent with your training.  You need goals, and they must be concrete and tangible.  "I want to be fit" is a very vague wish.  However, changing it to, "I will commit to training kettlebells 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each session for the next 3 months straight without excuse, in order to increase my fitness,"  is a very concrete, tangible, and realistic goal that will hold you accountable.  In fact, writing down you goals is a great way to continually remind you of what you want, as well as hold you to personal accountability.

That being said, one of my goals over the last 3 months was to be able to perform a 40kg turkish getup on each side without a mistake on the way up or down.  So here is the proof of my personal record!  Now that I accomplished it, my next goal is to perform a bottom up turkish getup with a 24kg on each side.


  1. Please be careful with that heavy bell! It looks like you were going to hurt yourself on the last move on each side.

    I train with an RKC and he would be horrified if I dropped the bell at the end of the movement.

    Here is a great video about TGU:

  2. Dear Lord, that was scary.
    If that was your PR, congrads, but I would go back to the basics if your are really an HKC and a smaller bell to get form down.

    You are going to get hurt, or hurt someone else if this is what you are training. This video is not a good advertisement for you or Maryland Kettlebells.

    I learned the TGU from Bret Jones (the best), and that would be a good place for you to start.

  3. Gotta love the controversy! Look real close...the only part that has any speed is the drop of the kettlebell once my shoulder touches the floor. In fact, other than that step, the movement is textbook perfect, as any RKC would agree. In no way am I in danger, and in fact, do so that I do not place any torque on my elbow/shoulder as the bell rotates away from them. When you have had as much martial arts training as I, you can move very fluidly under a lot of weight. And just because you see me doing it, doesn't mean that is how I teach people who are new. It is merely a representation of a personal experience of mine, just as the blog entry states!. I've learned from Brett Jones myself, and while he is a nice guy, he is not the "God of Kettlebells." What I do here is no more dangerous than any trained explosive or Olympic lift variation. I find it quite unbelievable how dogmatic people treat the letters "RKC...." And finally, anyone who comments anonymously regarding my posts, I appreciate your comments, but as such, they usually have little merit.