Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have you been warming up the correct way?

In my experience, a lot of people believe that spending 10-15 minutes warming up is wasted time. For most, a quick 5 minute jog on the treadmill is all they complete for a warmup, with perhaps a few brief static stretches thrown into the end, then its time to hit the heavy weights! Sure, jogging 5 minutes will help to raise the body's temperature, making the muscles more pliable, but where is the dynamic mobility and movement specificity for your nervous system? The fact is, spending 10 minutes moving through dynamic mobility exercises and specifically preparing your body for the major lifts of the day will IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE! Dynamic warmups actually increase your strength, flexibility, and stability INSTANTANEOUSLY, because your nervous system prepares for the training immediately to follow. Here is a 10 minute full body, dynamic mobility routine that you can use prior to your kettlebell training, and is also great as soon as you get out of bed.

Upper Body:

Lower Body

You won't believe how much better you feel throughout the day after having completed it first thing in the morning! Incorporate the movements demonstrated however you can into your daily life. Joint mobility movements are nearly infinite in their variation, so the videos are merely examples of routines that you can create on your own, once you fully master the full ranges of motion of all your major joints. Have fun! Be consistent!

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