Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What size KETTLEBELL is appropriate for me?

At Capital Sports Injury Center we use kettlebells in wide range of sizes - from 4kg to 40kg. We STRONGLY recommend that you come in and let us show you how to use a kettlebell before trying one on your own. I just spoke to a colleague of mine who had just completed his first kettlebell class. He had difficulty doing a Turkish Get Up (TGU) with NO WEIGHT! An empty hand!

The first time you attempt any kettlebell movement, you should use a weight you are sure you can handle. In our facility even a strong man may start with a 8kg kettlebell. That being said, within one session he may progress to a 16kg kettlebell. For the ladies, a 4kg or 6kg is an appropriate starting weight.

Once you gain some experience and find your comfortable training weight, then purchasing a kettlebell will be easy. Most women can start with an 8kg kettlebell (for overhead movements like presses, TGUs, and snatches)and a 12kg or 16kg for swings. Most men should buy a 12kg to warm-up and for overhead movements and a 16kg for swings. If you rapidly progress to heavier kettlebells - good technique is the key - then good for you!

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