Monday, November 30, 2009

Females Unite!

Throughout my 12 years of training experience, I have gotten more joy out of training women than men. While that may not surprise you, the truth is that I love to empower women. I could certainly be called a "feminist," and absolutely hate when women express feeling ostracized from the free weights and kettlebells at their gym. There is nothing inherently "manly" about strength training! Every male and female gains tremendous benefit from added strength, since it directly transfers to your daily performance and athletic endeavors. Muscle size has very little to do with strength, and as I explained in an earlier post, strength is outwardly expressed through the internal tension created by your neuromuscular system. Ladies, your nervous system can be trained to produce just as much muscular tension as your boyfriend's! Don't believe is proof:

Suzanna is probably around 130 lbs. I can honestly say that most 180 lbs men I have worked with can not do what you see her doing. And yet, society would have women believe that in order to flip a 70lbs kettlebell after swinging it would require big, bulky, bodybuilder muscles! I emplore women everywhere to pick up your kettlebell and start training. Forget about all that high rep B.S., go for the heavy stuff, and build your strength, as well as your confidence!

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