Friday, December 19, 2014

Saturday, 12/20/14


Bottom Up Partial TGU (stop at hip bridge) - 3RM

Bottom Up Clean and Press - 5RM



10 Snatch (explosive) 

10 1 Arm Row (high tension)

10 Clean (explosive)

10 Semi Kneeling (1 Knee on ground) strict Press (high tension)

10 One Arm Swings (explosive)


The SWOD involves stabilization at the shoulder and wrist.  Packing the shoulders correctly helps, as does gripping the handle hard.  Alignment of the handle, wrist, elbow, and shoulder should be maintained on both exercises, or else the bell will easily flip.

The WOD involves alternating between the two opposite types of kettle bell movements.  One is fast and explosive.  The next involves lots of muscle tension and strict body control.  Alternating between the two is hard to do unless you focus on breath control and proper abdominal bracing/ pressurization.

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