Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Jan. 24th Kettlebell Event: Please Register Early!

The IKLF has grown tremendously since I originally joined at the end of 2012. We now have a state qualifying event for those interested in competing at Nationals. And for the first time in 2015, Nationals competition will qualify you for invitation to the World competition held in November. I will be hosting 4 meets this year as I normally do, but only 1 of them will be the state meet (June 20th), which means if you intend on going to Nationals, you had best plan on peaking for your Maryland State meet.

Registration for the first event in 2015 is now open, and it is taking place on January 24th. All meets in Maryland will be held at Terrapin CrossFit, in Annapolis Junction, MD.

Register for January 24th here: http://iklf.co/event-1810060

January 24th- Regional MD Meet
March 28th- Regional MD Meet
June 20th- MD State Meet (qualifying meet for Nationals)
July 25- IKLF Nationals Meet held in California
October 17th- Regional MD Meet
November 14th- IKLF Worlds Meet held in Denver, CO

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