Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Partner WOD- Chase the Turkey!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

SWOD- 15min

Turkish Getup- 1RM (Kettlebell or Barbell)


Partner WOD- 25 Min Time Cap

While 1 Partner is completing the kettlebell movement, the other partner is completing the locomotion drill until the kettlebell task is completed by their partner. The whole sequence is then repeated, but the partners switch the movements, before moving onto the next couplet of exercises. 

Notes for Logistics in Class: Position the KB that is being shared by the partners at one end of the floor, and the second partner will perform the locomotion drills across the floor until partner#1 is finished their kettlebell exercise.  Once completed, the partners will switch their roles, complete that couplet, before moving onto the next locomotion drill/ kettlebell couplet

30  KB One Hand Russian Swing
Bear Crawl (until partner finished swing)

30 KB Snatches
Duck Walk ( until partner finished snatch)

30 KB Thrusters
Crab Walk ( until partner finished thruster)

30 KB Row
Inchworm ( until partner finished row)

30 KB Reverse Lunges
Spiderman Crawl ( until partner finished lunges)

Record time to completion and the load used of each team.

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  1. 8am

    Jane/ Linda 17:01

    Kris/ Laura 18:03

    Eric/ Noriko/ Julie 17:50


    Frankie/ Lina 21:42

    Ben/ Colton 13:06

    Marlon/ Sebastian 13:31

    Chris/ Elaine 12:50