Saturday, September 6, 2014

No Kettlebell Class This Morning

Please remember that regular classes are canceled this morning in lieu of the IKL BOLT Kettlebell Competition we are hosting.  Walk ins are allowed for registration, and if you are free and wish to donate your time to the competition, swing on by.  The competition begins at 9am, and will likely be done by 12noon.
If you are training at home, grab a friend or family member!  Here is your routine:

SWOD: 1-arm KB thrusters find a 1rm that’s equal for each side then a 5rm. After you find your 5rm do three sets of three on each side w/the 5rm weight.
WOD: Partner Up
12min. AMRAP
1 partner does 5 Goblet Squats then 10 Russian swings then partner 2 goes. Keep going back and forth for 12mins. I round equals partner 1 through once + partner 2 through once.

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