Thursday, January 31, 2013

For Anyone Arriving to Kettlebell Class After 6pm!

For anyone arriving to kettlebell classes after 6pm, this is important! 

The building has a new property manager, and that manager has changed the locking mechanism on the front door to the building.  Previously, we were able to prop the door open after 6pm to allow for any stragglers to come in.  However, that has changed.

If you arrive at the building for a class, and you find the timer lock on the building has locked the front doors, you must walk around (or drive around) to the back of the building to knock on our back door so that we can hear you.  Knock LOUD!  The back door is clearly marked with the words, "Dr. Steven Horwitz, Personal Trainer." It is the door immediately adjacent to the M&T Bank.

Do NOT stand at the front door hoping that someone will come let you in, because in most cases, the other businesses have closed.  Occasionally, you might see the cleaning crew out front and get lucky, but after trying that tactic for a few minutes with no response, go around the back of the building where we can let you in.

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