Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kettlebell Classes Week of Jan 30th

So this coming week, I may have to fulfill my obligations as a Howard County citizen.  I am "on call" for jury duty.  That means that starting Sunday evening, and every evening thereafter for a week straight, I will have to call a phone number to find out if I must report to jury duty the following morning.  That obviously means that I may have to call out of work the night before, and if I must be at jury duty on Mon, Tues, and/ Wed, then kettlebell classes will need to be canceled as well.  So if I get called, I will try to post the cancellation on the blog, and send out an email.  That means check your email and the blog for updates before coming to class Mon, Tues, and Wed.

   For added insurance, you can always call the office and ask Liz if classes are canceled that day.  She will know whatever I know.  The office phone number is 301-622-9000.

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