Monday, October 24, 2011

Some of the Best Athletes in the World Are Olympic Weightlifters

Most people who have not tried to learn the Olympic Lifts have very little appreciation for the athleticism required of top performing lifters.  At the Beast of the East competition on October 8th, I witnessed a reminder of just how awesome these lifters can be.  A 24 year old, weighing 169lbs, snatched 308lbs and clean and jerked 396lbs.  That is incredible.  I weigh 190ish pounds, and on my best day, I have snatch 190lbs and clean and jerked 245lbs.  That is no where close to this kids performance, and I have been practicing for years.  We recorded the videos below:

Snatch:  From the ground to overhead in one motion (must establish control at the top in order to be counted)

 Clean and Jerk: (From ground to shoulders, then from shoulders to overhead.  Must establish control at the top in order to count)

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