Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oldtime Strongman Records

If your a fan of oldtime strength, you should know the name and training methods of Hermann Goerner. The German strongman set all manner of incredible records during his career.

A few of his greatest feats:
1. Right-Hand Military Press: 138 pounds

2. Left-Hand Military Press: 115 Pounds

3. Right-Hand Snatch: 230 pounds

4. Two-Arm Jerk: 411 pounds

5. Right-Hand kettlebell swing of two kettlebells totaling 187.5 pounds

6. Two-Hands slow curl of 209 pounds

7. A rectangular fix of 160 pounds

8. The Human Bridge - while an automobile with six passengers drove Over him - a weight of well over 4000 pounds

9. Carried a grand piano weighing 1444 pounds for 52 feet

10. Wrote his name on a blackboard with a 110 pound kettlebell hanging from his thumb

11. One Hand Deadlift of 735 pounds

12. Lifted his stage dumbbell (which was 330 pounds with a 2-3/8 inch diameter handle) clean and jerk style - any time he wanted.

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