Monday, August 23, 2010

New Class Option

I am considering adding a new class during the week on thursday evenings at 6pm.  I ran a poll at the top of the blog for a while, and that seems like a popular option for participation.  However, there is the possibility that some of the people who voted are not actually attending classes here or even local.  So, I want anyone who is currently attending classes, or who lives locally wishing to attend classes, to reply to this post if you would like me to start that class option.  In your reply, please post your real name and your response, so I know that it is legitimate.  If I end up adding a thursday night class, I will also add a few hours before it for 1-on-1 training for those interested.  I figure I need about 6-8 people to commit to this class addition before I commit to it myself.  Thanks for your support!

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