Monday, August 9, 2010

Basic Kettlebell Routine

Here is a great kettlebell routine using just the 5 basic exercises (getup, swing, clean, snatch, and press).

1 Turkish Getup : 5 One Arm Snatches - use a getup to climb to your feet, perform 5 snatches with that same arm, and after the 5th snatch, return to the floor using your getup technique.  Perform for 5 minutes straight.

 5 One Arm Swings, 5 Cleans, and 5 Presses - perform 5 reps of your swing, followed by 5 cleans, and finally five presses...all on one arm.  Then switch to the other arm and repeat.  Perform this for 5 minutes straight.

1 Goblet Squat : 5 Two Handed Swings - perform 1 goblet squat, followed by 5 swings immediately.  Keep moving back to back in that ratio for 5 minutes straight.

Total time spent exercising is 15 minutes, plus a warmup and cooldown.  This might be short, but it will not be easy!

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