Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 9th Kettlebell Competition

The competition is right around the corner! I want to make sure everyone is up to speed on the logistics of how Saturday will run. 

1) Plan on showing up at the office at 9am. I will be using the scales in the doctor's office to weigh everyone in.  That means where as light clothing as possible. If a female participant is uncomfortable with me weighing them in, Yvette and Whitney will be here, so they can help with that aspect.  Eventually, in future events, weigh ins will be requiring the person to strip down to their underwear.  That will NOT be the case this time.  You may wear shorts and a t-shirt, but please remove your shoes.

2) Every participant will also be judging someone's performance.  In this respect, the event will run much like local crossfit competitions.  You will be required to judge in order to compete.  As a judge, you will be responsible for counting the number of reps a person completes, and "no rep-ing" them if they do not meet the standards presented after weigh ins.

      -  After weigh ins, I will cover the standards for judging the snatch, clean, and jerk.  I will also provide the materials used to judge at this time.  Just like in any competition, the judge has the final say in whether a rep counts or not.  Do not complain if you get "no repped."  Ask why, fix the problem, and continue competing. 

3) You will have time to warmup, between 9:30 and 9:45am.  This is your time to get your body ready for the competition.
    Foam roll, stretch, use the kettlebells...and ASK FOR HELP from me if you want last minute coaching advice!

4) The competition officially starts at 10am.  Currently, there are about 8 people competing.  That means that the competition will likely be done within 1 hour.  After I have the results, I will award first, second, and third place prizes to the participants.  They are broken down into gender, weight classes, and individual events.

I suggest bringing something light to snack on, perhaps a shake, to be certain your blood sugar does not drop during your competition!

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