Monday, June 14, 2010

Training Doesn't Have to Always Be Structured or Lengthy

Just thought I'd like to throw in a video of a short, brief, intense workout I did the other day.  The whole workout only lasted 15 minutes.  It consisted of tire flips, sledge hammer swings, and rope drills.  I taped the first round, and repeated it 2 more times.

There are two important things to say about this scenario.  First, training sessions do not have to be long in order to be effective.  Brief (15-20 min) and intense training sessions raise your metabolic rate and testosterone, which helps burn fat even when you are not doing anything, as well as makes you feel energized for the rest of the day.  Secondly, getting away from the more structured routines of sets and reps can help you break the monotony of training.  Finding ways to make your training both fun and effective will help you stay motivated and consistent.  So try something new this week...and see how it goes! Enjoy....

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  1. The best part was watching you brutalize with that evil tire. Hey remember you chose the tire it did not choose you. If I were you I’d be looking over my shoulder for the Tire Manufactures Association lawyer.