Thursday, February 18, 2016


 Try to make it out to Whitney's class tonight.  It will be the last class of the week until Monday night.  

    Recall that this Saturday's class is canceled in lieu of the kettlebell competition held at Terrapin CrossFit.  There is still room for you to register, and your support would be appreciated.  The league needs funding in order to compete against the marketing of much larger organizations.  

   And if you had planned on participating in Saturday's class, you could still get your workout during the competition.  All of you are more than capable of having fun and doing well.  It really is a lot like a regular class, in terms of the amount of work you are asked to do.  

   Ignore the late registration fee.  I'll personally refund you $10 if you register last minute.  

And if you want to come help your fellow athletes by cheering them on or volunteering your time, please join us.  The event starts at 9am, and will likely be finished by 11am.

Marlon, Chris, Deidre, and Elaine are all competing, so we already have a large Maryland Kettlebell representation!

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