Monday, July 26, 2010

2 Hand Anyhow Squat and Press

 How about an introduction to an "old school" strongman lift?  Entertainers would often hold weight overhead while picking up another weight from the ground and pressing it overhead as well.  Some of the really skilled guys would support a platform of women overhead as their "weight", instead of a kettlebell, dumbell, or barbell.  Imagine the strength you would need to hold several hundred pounds overhead, while simultaneously maneuvering a second load up there are well.  Incredible!  Even with our awesome technology and highly researched training methods, I doubt there are many people alive who could do that today.  But I digress....

The video showcases me performing one of the many varieties of "2 Hand Anyhows."  This one is particularly challenging because of the strength and flexibility demands placed on the core due to the constant stabilization of a heavy load overhead.  Before you attempt this exercise, be sure you have familiarized yourself with the following basic exercises:  1) Squat, 2) 1 Arm Clean, 3) 1 Arm Press, and 4) Windmill.  Portions of all four exercises are found throughout the 2 Hand Anyhow Squat and Press.  Stay safe!

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